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Seven Reasons to Choose a Tent Trailer As Your Next Recreational Vehicle

tent trailers in northern caWhen it comes to reasons that people love their vacations, “getting away from it all” usually ranks at or near the top. When it comes to getting away from it all, few vacations can compete with a camping trip. Camping gives individuals, couples, and families the opportunity to both enjoy nature and also to escape the stress and high pace of normal life. As good as a camping trip can be to alleviate stress and create a fun bonding experience for any group of people, there are also many obstacles though when looking at a camping trip. From the inconvenience of setting up a tent to the time it takes to pack up a campsite, sometimes there are things involved in camping that may act as a barrier or a negative in terms of how much the vacation can be enjoyed. The easiest and most inexpensive way to defeat these obstacles is to use a tent trailer as your next recreational vehicle.

Here are seven reasons to choose a tent trailer as your next recreational vehicle:

1. Price – When looking at recreational vehicles, usually the most inexpensive are tent trailers. This is especially true when looking at used recreational vehicles. Often a used tent trailer can be had for roughly 2-4 times the cost of a high end tent.

2. Packing Advantages – Towing a tent trailer to the campsite you’ve chosen as your destination means that there is opportunity to either bring more supplies or to travel more comfortably. There is only a certain amount of room in each unit though, how much depends on the particular model, to pack some extra gear in it instead of packing it in the vehicle that is doing the towing.

3. Ease Of Towing – While it may be a learning adjustment to tow anything for someone who lacks experience in towing, it is also far easier to tow a tent trailer than many other larger vehicles. These types of recreational vehicles are lighter and have a lower profile allowing the driver to usually see straight back over the top of it when looking towards the vehicles that are following.

4. Ease Of Setup – For people who tent camp, usually the first part of a camping trip means finding a flat area, removing any sharp objects like rocks and sticks, and then setting up the tent. This is followed by moving a large amount of camping equipment into the tent. With a tent trailer, once the location is found, all that has to be done is popping up the tent portion of the trailer and loading in whatever didn’t fit in it to begin with.

5. Convenient To Use – Many tent trailers come equipped with amenities like sinks, and in some cases even small bathrooms. This is far different than tent camping where sometimes neither kitchens or bathrooms are seen until the trip is over. Trailers are also great when small children are included in the trip, they have often been used as large rolling playpens.

6. Ease Of Packing Up – When it is time to pack up from a camping trip, if you have used a tent trailer it is fairly simple. All you have to do is load up the vehicle, pop down the “pop-up” portion of the trailer, and you are all set to come home.

7. Storage Advantages – One of the advantages of camping in a tent trailer that many people don’t think of is the storage advantages. Without a recreational vehicle, a place in the home has to be found to store the camping supplies. When a recreational vehicle is not in use for camping, it doubles as a place to keep many of the camping supplies that would usually fill up a garage, closet, or basement.

A light and easy to use RV like this not only impacts preparation for a camping trip, but it also impacts the trip itself and the time in between camping trips too. With advantages that can be felt from the point of purchase, to the packing up for the trip, and the trip itself, a tent trailer is the obvious choice for your next recreational vehicle, especially if up until now you’ve been a tent camper.


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