Tent Trailer FAQs

R&M Tent Trailer Rentals Frequently Asked Questions


Where are you located? We are located in Northern California in Chico, CA.

Why can’t we just drop by? We operate by appointment as we may out of the office, or we may be putting out tent trailers and assisting other customers.

How do you base your rates? We rent by the number of days you will have the tent trailer in your possession, NOT by the number of nights.  Rates are based on 24 hours.

Are tent trailers difficult to hook up or operate? No. Please allow up to 45 minutes while we demonstrate the use and proper hook up of the unit.  Each unit comes with an Instruction Guide to refresh memories.

How do I know if my vehicle can tow a tent trailer? Check your vehicle owner’s manual for towing limits. Allow for 80% of what is recommended as you may fill the lower walkways with luggage and other items.

Do you install hitches and wiring for trailer lights? No. Find a reputable dealer to install these for you. Your vehicle must come equipped with a 7-round or 4-prong flat plug and receiver with a 2″ ball.

How do I know if the wiring on my car works? Test the electrical wiring of your vehicle before picking up your rental.

Why do you need my credit card information in advance? Your credit card number is used to reserve your place on our calendar. If you haven’t given us a credit card number, chances are you are not on our calendar.

What if I have to cancel my reservation? There is a $50 cancellation fee for rentals during the non prime time season and a $100 cancellation fee for rentals placed during prime time. Check season rates here.

What if I return the tent trailer early? All rentals are for a contracted time period. There are no refunds for early returns. 

Are there any places I cannot take the tent trailer? We don’t allow our tent trailers to enter Mexico or Canada.

Does the rental come with pots and pans or living kits? No. You provide amenities needed for your trip. Our free Camping Check List might help you.

Can we drink the water in the holding tank? Even though we fill the tank with potable water we do not recommend this. It is difficult to know if the water is potable when you fill the tank at a variety of locations. We recommend you use bottled water for drinking and cooking. The water from the tank is fine for washing and bathing.

Does the tent trailer have a holding tank for grey water? No. Bring a bucket to catch the grey water from the sink if your camp site requires grey water to be contained.

Are pets allowed in the tent trailer? Certain precautions are required. Pack a lint roller and a small broom. Bring clean sheets or blankets to protect the cushions as all dog hair works its way into the upholstery and tent fabric. Ideally, pets should reside outside of the tent trailer inside a carrier or your vehicle. You will be charged additional cleaning fees if deemed necessary for residual pet debris.

What happens if we have a tire blow out or other mechanical failures? Tires are your responsibility. We work in good faith by providing clean full functioning tent trailers upon your departure. Troubleshooting suggestions are listed in the Instruction Guide that accompanies your rental.

Can we plug into the electrical outlets? Yes and no. The electrical outlets work only if you are plugged into city electricity via the power cord. The electrical outlets do not work if you are dry camping and drawing from the deep cycle battery.

How should I return the tent trailer?

  • Zip up all the windows before collapsing the tent trailer.
  • Sweep out the interior and wipe down counters, sink, stove top and refrigerator.
  • You don’t need to clean the outside vinyl, screens or box when collapsed.

Then why am I charged a cleaning fee? The nominal cleaning fee is based on 1 hour of labor and covers inspection and cleansing of the outside vinyl, screens and exterior box including sanitation of the interior based on R&M standards.

What do you suggest we bring to meet the minimum cleaning standards required? Consider bringing: a small broom, a spray bottle filled with cleaning solution (i.e. Simple Green) and kitchen or paper towels.


How long is the tent trailer from tongue to bumper? Depending on the model: approximately 11’ to 13’.

How long and wide is the “box”? Depending on the model:  8’ to 10’ long and 7’ wide.

How long is the tent trailer when it is erect and open? Depending on the model:  19’ to 22’.

What is the weight of the tent trailer? Depending on the model:  1450 to 1800 lbs dry weight. Allow for 80% of what is recommended by the vehicle manufacture as you may fill the lower walkways with luggage and other items.

What is the tongue weight? Approximately 100 lbs.

What height should the ball be from the ground? Approximately 18”.

How much weight can be put on the beds when they are extended? Approximately 1200 lbs each.